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Video Script Writing

Below is a list of all the video scripts that I've been commissioned to write, with links to many sample scripts. Scripts include training videos, corporate documentaries, and educational films. Below these video scripts I've also included more creative scripts for commercials, original full-length Hollywood feature films, and miscellaneous visual communication projects.


Training videos

How to Use the Methylcellulose System (excerpt - AV format)

Terry Fox Lab (BCCA)

Final Check: The Screening Line (screenplay format)

BC Fisheries Council

Vegetation Inventory Orientation  - Overview - Field Navigation and Plot Establishment (excerpt - AV format) - Photo Interpretation - Inventory Cruising & Call Grading - Measuring Course Woody Debris - Forage Measurements  - Plants, Soil, & Old Growth

BC Ministry of Forests

Corporate documentary videos

Best example, mining exploration (identity censored) (AV format)


Beyond the Tunnel (Bell Resources) - play the video (narration text below video)

ImageMaker (agency)

Breaking Ice (Baffinland Iron Mines) - play the video (narration text below video)

ImageMaker (agency)

Tracking the Future (Baffinland, for Inuit community) [confidential]

ImageMaker (agency)

Cross Lake Minerals & Selkirk Metals - play the videos (off-site, "Set 01")

ImageMaker (agency)

In Balance and Designed to Stay That Way (AV format)

BC Central Credit Union

Hillsborough Resources (screenplay format)

Shane Lunny (agency)

Trans Atlantic Resources (screenplay format)

Mott Communications

What Do the OTs Do?

BC Children's Hospital

Introduction to Glenayre 

Glenayre Electronics

Educational films

Earth Moves (screenplay format)

National Film Board

What Do They Do at the Justice Institute? docudrama (screenplay format)

Justice Institute of BC

Over a New Leaf: Lighthouse Park

West Van. Parks & Rec.

Commercials (radio)

Bikes on Broadway - "Torture Test"

Bikes on Broadway

Bikes on Broadway - "Deprogramming"

Bikes on Broadway

Bikes on Broadway - "What Love Is"

Bikes on Broadway

Screenplays (original full-length features)

Critical Mass (thriller) [brief synopsis]

MTA/Persik Prod., L.A.

Getting It (romantic comedy)

R&K/Rudy Romero, L.A. 

'Critical Mess' (dark farce)

Licht-Mueller Films, L.A.

Big Breaks (satire)
Placebo (problem drama)
Eclipse (drama, science fiction)
The Prometheus Effect - treatment (i.e., outline)  (science fiction)
The Catalyst - treatment for series pilot (topical psychological drama - cloning) [brief synopsis]

Visual Communication

Scientific illustration: Figure 2 cannabinoids (development, design, legend)

UC San Francisco

Duck Hybrids and Variants in Greater Vancouver (photojournalism)

Discovery Vol. 23, No. 1

Earth Moves (storyboards and demonstration clip) (multimedia visualization)

National Film Board

Blind Man (animated TV commercial without words) (QuickTime - web page off-site)


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