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Do you need a technical writer who can be a strategic contributor? A writer who can think analytically as well as creatively? A writer who can catch errors, plan for contingencies, and keep an eye on the big picture as well as the fine details? My training in both science and screenwriting has equipped me well for developing information for a wide range of industry and government clients. I'm a versatile Vancouver technical communicator with over 20 years of experience. This website showcases my technical writing experience and relevant background.

I specialize in technical instructions and reports delivered in clear, plain English. I have fulfilled user and client needs with task-oriented instructions for emergency dispatchers, technicians, stockbrokers, accountants, government administrators, paging businesses, power-system operators, firefighters, forestry workers, fisheries workers, cancer-research lab technicians, microscope technologists, health-care professionals, trainers of air-traffic controllers, communications operators, and office-software users and managers. I have engaged the public's imagination on behalf of sponsors for science, medicine, health care, law enforcement, natural history, arts and entertainment, essential services, mining exploration, banking, recreational products, and communications technology. I have edited reports for public utilities and aerospace forensic engineers.

I have delivered in many types of media, including user manuals, training guides, standard operating procedures, large corporate reports, brochures, press releases, grant proposals, trades publications, informational video scripts, and audiovisual media.

I'm able to quickly get up to speed with your products and processes and the technical writing tools that you use. I always deliver on time, without compromising quality.

On this website I provide a wide range of writing samples.

If you're interested in my scientific writing and illustration services, please go to my scientific writing portfolio, or back to the home page.


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